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RRBTRAINING.COM is a portal where you can be assured to get only related content that will help you achieve in your exams. We try all our best to keep our website up to date on a daily basis and offer you quality question bank to help you succeed in your exams. We do not run our site for advertisement revenue, this is a place that is dedicated one and only for you to get exactly what you need and move forward in your exam preparations.

As we branch out to broader spectrum, we like to keep things simple in our website so that you can get what you want in few clicks. Our subscriptions allows you to take unlimited training to sharpen yourself for the exam and get ready to beat the competition, it also includes daily updates of current events to keep you up to date.

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    Date of Notification : 2016-08-09

    Date of Closing : 2016-09-08

    Date of Exam : 06.11.2016